And if you have ever worked with me or above me, feel free to leave a testimonial.

“Working with Anthony on the toplane during URF games was extremely enjoyable, fun and entertaining. The qaulity of his work and the carry potential of his skills made me feel all kinds of ways! I would 100% recommend Anthony for your future URF toplaner but I am not sure, if I am willing to give him up already. Anthony has proven himself as a reliable partner in teamfights, tricky 2v2 situations and out of game banter. For the future I will book Anthony again for a night or two.”


“Working with Anthony is excellent, he is a master at what he does and can only see him becoming a sought after individual in the near future. The tools he provided, the systems he created, they have all contributed to improving workflow which has brought an overwhelming amount of value!

Would recommend Anthony to anyone that wants a reliable, smart, and consistent individual that will bring value into any project.”

Tobi Harper, Eneme Entertainment

Robin Hughes

“Anthony gets things finished. He is steady and dependable and works well with time constraints. He has a good attitude and work ethic and works really well both alone and in a team environment. He has worked with us as technical director and done a good job getting two games published.”

Robin Hughes, Out of the Blue Studios