Anthony Marmont


I'm passionate about what I do (making stuff).

Voxel Multiplayer

A voxel-art multiplayer PvP game.

This project was my attempt to create a 'Cube World' experience with a multiplayer component. The majority of the work that went into this project went into its world authoring and rendering pipeline.

The World

I started this project with procedurally generated terrain, but I quickly realised I didn't have enough time to make a fully-featured terrain-generator.

A lot of people ask me: "Hay, Anthony, how did you make such an amazing terrain generator?" And the answer is: I didn't. I cheated!

The terrain in the screenshots of this project came from a Minecraft world that I created using World Builder and then manually edited in Minecraft. To accomplish this, I implemented Substrate; a C# library for reading and modifying Minecraft world files.

A path through the forest.
Hilltops with trees.
Stone formations hidden under the trees.