Radient is a Gradient Editor and Ramp created for Unity. The idea came when Unity’s new ScriptedImporters were introduced in 2017.1. Coming to the Unity Asset Store soon.

It imports gradients directly into textures, for fast iteration.

Creating Ramps for VFX I had always found to be quite annoying, going back and forth between multiple applications to edit a gradient made editing creating them quite slow.

Creating these Ramps in the shader required a lot of code to create three or four key gradients, and this was absolutely not performant on mobile.

Below is a YouTube video from Unite Europe 2017 featuring the VFX behind the game “Spellsouls”. They too encountered issues with their ramps. Their solution was to separate the ramp into two types. One used for rapid prototyping using a Shader generated gradient, the other is using a ramp generated using their tools for Unity.

The Solution…

Combine the rapid iteration of dynamic gradients created in Unity with the power a texture ramp can allow. The result:

Radient Light

As stated earlier, Radient is a Gradient Editor and Ramp created for Unity.

Below is an early prototype of Radient. I am yet to record a proper demonstration of Radient with the newer features.

Coming to the Asset Store soon.