Anthony Marmont

Network Programming

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Ask me more! I'm really passionate about this stuff, so feel free to ask me more.

ECS EC2 Fargate Lambda S3 SNS SQS Route 53 Dynamo DB Cognito ElastiCache CloudFormation CloudWatch VPCs


My preferred method of allocating AWS resources is using CloudFormation. CloudFormation offers the ability to templatize cloud resources and provision them on-demand.

Figure 1: A CloudFormation template for my portfolio.

Realtime WebSocket Server Infrastructure

In my spare time whilst working at TT Games I felt really influenced to try and create my own realtime WebSocket server infrastructure.

Unfortunately only bits and pieces of this are actually implemented.

Figure 2: A diagram of the startup flows involved in HuskyNet.

Multiplayer Programming

Syncing state between players is something that will vary from project to project, depending on requirements and scale.

Work in progress...