Anthony Marmont


I'm passionate about what I do (making stuff).

Network Programming

I love the benefits a well-constructed API and a well-considered server stack can provide.

I enjoy multiplayer experiences and sharable content. I find that being a central part in connecting players is incredibly rewarding.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)


My preferred method of allocating AWS resources is using CloudFormation. CloudFormation offers the ability to templatize cloud resources and provision them on-demand.

Figure 1: A CloudFormation template for my portfolio.

Both this portfolio website and my Global Game Jam 2021 project were deployed from CloudFormation templates.

I am proficient with both Json and YAML templates; however, I prefer YAML for its comment support.


I have used EC2 to provision dedicated servers for realtime services and applications.

My Global Game Jam 2021 project utilised EC2 to host the game at A Static IP was used to allow all clients to connect to a single instance.

To facilitate debugging, I have utilised SSH in order to interact with the Docker and AWS CLI running on the EC2 instance.

I have also used EC2 in combination with ECS in order to create scalable web solutions with container orchestration.

For my portfolio website, I wanted to optimize everything I could to reduce the hosting cost. I utilised Graviton instances, based on the 64-bit Arm architecture. This almost halved the hosting costs for the instances.


Professionally, I have used S3 as a major part in many infrastructure projects and applications. S3 offers simple blob-storage of file contents for storage or archival purposes.

My portfolio tech-stack utilises S3 to store emails received at any address at my domain in S3; along with storing the contact form submissions.

I have also utilised S3 to provide archival storage of player states; IAP and transaction histories; and many other highly scalable systems.

Realtime WebSocket Server Infrastructure

In my spare time whilst working at TT Games I felt influenced to try and create my own realtime WebSocket server infrastructure.

Parts of this realtime WebSocket infrastructure was used to power my Global Game Jam 2021 project.

Figure 2: A diagram of the startup flows involved in HuskyNet.


I am proficient with SQL (both MySQL and MSSQL servers), and I am able to construct functional queries in order to facilitate an application with relational data.

I have worked with many No-SQL databases, such as Redis, DynamoDB, Cloud Firestore, and Azure Cosmos DB.