Anthony Marmont

Crypt Crawl

A 2d pixel-art dungeon crawler.

For myself, the really exciting part of the development of Crypt Crawl was the idea of procedural tilesets. This mean't that I could generate unique tilesets for every dungeon in real time.

Procedural tilsets where acomplished using Substance Designer. At the time I was very new and I ended-up creating an awful, brown tileset. The pixel-art technique that I used later informed art pipeline of The Dwellers.

Modular Behaviours

Behind the scenes I explored what I considered to be "Phase 1" of my modular behaviour system development. This involved creating modular behaviours using Unity's ScriptableObjects.

This exploration of modular behaviours showed me that I didn't have to create an overly complex system if I am willing to hand-author a lot of the modular behaviour via code.