Anthony Marmont


I'm passionate about what I do (making stuff).

Astral Elites

A clean and well-polished Asteroids clone (with Discord integration).

This project started as an 8-hour code interview for my position at TT Games, but I found that it was a good playground for testing new programming concepts.

Fast-paced combat.

Discord Integration

One of the first things that I decided to implement to further the development of this project was to implement the Discord SDK. The Discord SDK provides "rich-presence" integration that allows me to render the players current game state with their friends.

I also explored the multiplayer APIs that Discord exposes, but I didn't implement them on this project due to it being a single-player game (though I was tempted to make it multiplayer purely to explore these multiplayer APIs more).

Defeat menu and score-over-time graph.
Post-processing effects and chromatic aberrations.