I have always been passionate about tools creation, giving the game designers the tools to create items or other game content with a user-friendly set of tools.

I have long wanted to create a solution for the easy handling of a large number of assets, and Unity’s lack of dynamic icons for file types was the perfect opportunity for me to build upon the Unity engine with my custom tools.

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Asset Store Presence

You can find the Unity Asset Store page below. Publishing this tool onto the Asset Store has given me feedback about my work and a community willing to suggest improvements to the asset.

User Reviews

Getting feedback on the tool that I produced is the best part of my experience on this project – the idea that people are using my tool on a large project and that I am saving them a lot of time with it fills me with satisfaction.

An excellent Asset which does exactly as it promises with minimal coding fuss. If you're using lots of different types of resources OR if you are using ScriptableObjects for core background data, this little Asset is a godsend. Finally, within minutes of me posting a few queries to the developer (nothing wrong with the Asset), he answered and helped me out. Always good to know! A 'must-have'.

Review left on AssetIcons by Duffer123

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