Anthony Marmont


I'm passionate about what I do (making stuff).


I have always been passionate about content authoring tooling; giving the game designers the tools to create items or other game content with a user-friendly set of tools.

I have long wanted to create a solution for the easy handling of a large number of assets, and Unity’s lack of dynamic icons for file types was the perfect opportunity for me to build upon the Unity engine with my custom tools.

RPG items with voxel art models rendered to the ScriptableObject icon.


  • Dynamic icons for ScriptableObjects
  • Custom icons per file extension
  • Customize icons with attribute-defined styles
  • Easy-to-use
  • High-quality documentation
  • Public issue tracker
  • In-editor update checker
  • Error detection and reporting
  • Support for Unity's Collaborate overlay
  • Support for Unity's Version Control overlay
The update checker window.