My role on Eitr was as a programmer. I worked on many core systems such as the Inventory System, Item System, Tooltips, Input Mapping, Trophies and Stats. 

The Dwellers

The goal of this project was to have an exhibition-able product by the end. The above video shows a short 3-minutes worth of gameplay.


Radient is a Gradient Editor and Ramp created for Unity. The idea came when Unity’s new ScriptedImporters were introduced in 2017.1. Coming to the Unity Asset Store soon.

Global Game Jam 2018

As an evil AI runs rampant on a space station, it is up to you to control a drone capable of shutting her down.

Voxel Multiplayer

For a Voxel MMORPG project, I wanted to create a Voxel World. My art style specifically called for a single block colour.


I have always been passionate about tools creation, giving the game designers the tools to create items or other game content with a user-friendly set of tools.

The New Earth Conflict

An 8-week college project focused around finally making a space RTS. I have tried many times to create a playable space RTS game, but never tackled the gameplay.

Crypt Crawl

The Crypt Crawl project was created in 7 weeks in Unity 3D. It features a lot of pixel art graphics created in Substance Designer and complex and efficient tile generation.

Sci-Fi UI

My first experimentation with the Unity 4.6 UI Toolkit at creating a fully functional menu. This UI is light, clean and very responsive.

Procedural Space

Experimentation with volumetric nebulae and stars to produce a completely procedural space scene.